About Strategy Staffing

Founded in 2019, Strategy Staffing's goal is to provide the most qualified employees to fulfill temporary staffing needs for employers located in Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.  Through understanding of the duties and tasks associated with the position to be filled, we use our professional experience to screen and select the best suited candidate to help our clients achieve operational performance goals.  

Our approach is compiled not only by experience understanding job descriptions and recruiting techniques, but through uniquely providing internal programs that will assist in an employee's commitment to an assignment.

Bryan Nelson, founder and owner, holds a Bachelors Degree in Human Resource Management from Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio.  Bryan's background includes being directly involved with organizations as an HR professional, and acting as a consultant for companies on all matters HR related to include compliance, process improvement, policy, performance standards, progressive discipline, onboarding, and payroll.  In his tenure, Bryan's experience in coordinating with temporary placement service agencies in the tri-state region has helped gain insight to not only what challenges companies face, but the current quality needed to maintain positive and long lasting relationships.

Bryan believes that human capital, although an expense to an organization, is a company's greatest asset, and Strategy's goal is to attract the best suited candidate for the client.